J H Martin

Floating The delaysAnd the reasonAre always the same I see it wrapped aroundThe skin's pagoda I feel itFilling my solitary shell This need to make moreThis thirst for controlThis link of a chainThis gas for the eyes Turning tired lowering They say a lesson bitter learnedIs better than no lesson ever learned The fines and the debtsThe fights and protestsThe rucks and the racksThey all add up with interestAnd make the silence heavier Wrapped up and packed downI watch the boards catch the rain New pools for new reflections A world floating at sea

Green Moon InhaleExhale Slowly The sky clearsAnd a cloudy nightTransforms Not into something betterNot into something differentBut into something natural A breeze that is freshA silence that calms TodayThe concerns of the worldCan deafen the earsAnd make a foolOut of their emotions Too blind-sided to hearThe path can get lost But not here Not tonight Stood here aloneWith the moon and the trees I cannot stop the heart from opening

Spare I want to but I cannot The scriptThe cues I do not understand YesI can anticipate The situationThe questionThe movements ButOutside of the momentI stillDo not understand Who rehearsed me for this roleWho took away the script Who led me hereAnd then left me here In this wilderness of mirrors AgitatedAnxious I see everything and nothing Fragmented shardsI cannot connect

J H Martin is from London, England but has no fixed abode. His writing has appeared in a number of places in Asia, Europe and the Americas. For more information, please visit: acoatforamonkey.wordpress.com.