Eric Burgoyne

Burgundy Dress Saturday evening he unzips the garment bag as if opening a familiar novel imagining its subtle mothball scent is perfume carefully he removes the dress from its padded hanger and spreads it across their bed as if it was her he stares at the textured silk while it replays the decades then softly caresses the gently worn fabric regaining composure he shuffles downstairs to fix dinner cooking enough for two

Epiphany I see a man walking on waterenveloped by early mist100 yards offshoreI’m transfixed Ignored by incurious witnesseshe faces our directionarms gesturingbeckoning? Sunrise warmth dissipatingheavenly mist I now seehe’s stroking a paddlestanding on asurfboard This isn’t the miracle I thoughtquickly turning away I’mstunned by exquisiteblues and greensdeep veridian satin jade meshing with chartreusethick olive hues traverse themountains to turquoisecerulean wavesdeep indigo aquamarine surf rolling abovejagged cyan reef, sparklingazure liquid becomingtranslucent fizzlingfoam on sand Aloft in a Pacific incarnationof Hesiod’s Isles of theBlessed, ocean breezecaressing ears muffled rumble of seagull wingsduring takeoff as cooingpigeons peck seedsand insectsmiracles

Lure of the Sirens Incessant staccato fromdesmodromic valvestapping like Fred Astaire Synchronizing withthrusting pistons lubricatedby scorching synthetic oil Speeding dark streetsSirens singing in the backgroundadrenaline pumping throughstainless steel cables Blood red daydreamscome to life inviolent vibration asthe Italian thrill generatorshakes between denim thighs Straddling her requiresdiscomfiting contortionknees near elbows in racing tuckhelmet below windscreenchin on navel-like gas cap The Red Seductress from Bolognawildly wails through throatyTermignoni exhaust, gleefully absconding with paychecksdemanding constant attentionarousing unnatural affectiondefining “high maintenance” Her sea-nymph form and mythicdesign forever captivating thosewho shun the warning of Circe Ducati 916 Biposto ownerswillingly become her chattelsendearingly indentured for life

Eric Burgoyne is a poet based in Haleiwa, Hawaii. His bachelor’s and master’s degrees are from the University of Utah and Reading University, Berkshire, England, respectively. He will complete a master’s degree in creative writing from Teesside University, Middlesbrough, England, later this year and a collection of his poems will be released in October. Along with studying and writing he enjoys running, motorcycling and surfing.