Mark Blickley (with Beatrice Georgalidis)

Image by Beatrice Georgalidis
Gravity Ungrateful Yes, I am dressed in mourningDark clothes for a dark timeYet I yearn to escapePandemic imprisonmentWith the germ of an ideaThat will allow me to soarAbove my confinementIn an airborne threatAgainst complacency and boredomAs I reach up to a blue heavenThat promises social distancingOn a cosmic scale,But that old bitch gravityBears down on me,Slapping me downLike a petulant childCrying outFor what she cannot have,Slammed backTo a blanketed earthOf red white and blue. Beatrice Georgalidis is the executive director of New York's Bright Hill Press, a literary art center and gallery. She has worked for more than twenty years in film and television as a writer, producer and videographer for many companies including Sundance Channel, MTV, VH1. Mark Blickley is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild and PEN American Center. His latest book is 'Dream Streams,' a text-based art collaboration with Amy Bassin.