Jess Bryant

On Lying The day before Thursday I saw youdoing a line off the washing machine and wondered how many milescould help you with that. I don’t care where the answer falls.If I seem callous, then I must be evolving. I stood by the gallerywe used to visit on 34th street, saw the girl with the orangeraincoat and asked for a light. She told me that sometimespuddles help balance her gait and tomorrow we plan to walkacross sea-saws. I won’t mail you any postcards this evening,but I will reupholster your chair. I don’t know what beingsentimental feels like but I know how to work with my hands. Jess Bryant currently resides in New Mexico, but is relatively nomadic. She is an English Instructor at night and edits compliance reports during the day. Editing compliance reports is boring; however, the company does not mind if her tattoos and piercings are visible. Her work is forthcoming in Star 82 Review.