Judith Cody

Deep Winter Pub Crawl in Troy Back in time in upstate New York Softness of sidewalk cracks deleteGentle snowflakes whenHorses race over cobblestones inThe 18th-century town called TroyCars follow tracks of trains, horses,Clowns, cats searching for thawedDrinks above the ice weighingDown trees crushing dogsOn occasion carousing merrymakersHalt a second fulfill their destinySwallow truckloads of raw snowDive into places best leftUnnamed, unsearched.

Space Invader Snuggles Inside Human Earsmorning blog item What’s it doing inside your ear? In there,inside your ear the snug, singing, dancingear wiggler chomping deep into the brain.Serenading us to death. So, how we love it!Ecstatic sounds. Tingle tones. Mumblesmadness. We could die hearing glorious songs,or dancing to driving primitive rhythms. Should we die in that brain-depleted,perpetually humming, strumming state,then WE are transformed into aStar Planet Singing Earwig,who then gets to chomp ears. Jucimusicolia is loose!Looking for fresh craniums to croon in.Delirium dancing craniums,dervishes knew the method,Maestro Cmusic knows the notes. Will everyone dance Juci’s demented jigsliding up trembling waves into lusting ears?The Universe is the playground for myriadsof oddities. We play on and on and on and end. Footnote: When the above poem was found on a bronze bowl, the title engraved in the upper right corner read: “JUCIMUSICOLIA…as told to Maestro Monsi Cmusic.” This, then, is the true name of the alien earwig, Jucimusicolia!

What Is It? Dark
bobbing on Flathead Lake’s sudden whitecaps could be a swimmer…something…a child…a waterfowl…could be…
something hypnotic takes hold
the thing commands attention
commands novitiates to
witness this ritual.

Judith Cody’s new poetry chapbook, Garden on an Alien Star System, was just published by Finishing Line Press. Her poetry is published in over 160 journals, and has won many national awards, including second prize in the national Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition. Her poem is in the Smithsonian’s permanent collection, in Spanish and English. Centre College’s Norton Center for the Arts selected her poem from a competitive group from around the world for exhibition in a featured art gallery installation. Her poetry chapbook was a finalist in Bright Hills Press’s national competition. She has won Atlantic Monthly and Amelia awards; her poems were nominated for Best of the Net, quarterfinalists in the Pablo Neruda Prize in Poetry and were cited for honorable mentions by the National League of American Pen Women. She edited the PEN Oakland anthology Fightin’ Words and wrote the internationally notable biography of composer Vivian Fine: A Bio-Bibliography and Eight Frames Eight, poems. Her work is seen in many anthologies and poems appear in journals such as: California Quarterly, Alexandria Quarterly, Bindweed Magazine, Carbon Culture Review, Nimrod International Journal, New York Quarterly, Stand, South Carolina Review, Texas Review, Euphony Journal, Fugue, Clare, Green Hills Literary Lantern, Misfit Magazine, The Montreal Review, Fox Cry Review, Louisville Review, The Offbeat, Neologism, Madison Review, The Paragon Press, Phoebe, Quiddity, Primavera, Poet Lore, Poem, Xavier Review, Hiram Poetry Review, The Cape Rock, Citron Review, Ignatian, The Brooklyn Review, Penmen Review, Splash of Red, Soundings East, Vox Poetica, Westview, Caduceus, Chaffin Journal, Arabesques Review, Laurel Review, Androgyne, Chaparral, Forge, Abstract: Contemporary Expression, Qwerty, Tiger’s Eye Journal, The Tower Journal, Lyrical Passion Poetry E-zine, Cloudbank, Vending Machine Press, Voices de la Luna, Willard & Maple, Third Wednesday, The Courtship of Winds, Nude Bruce Review, and others.