Lauren Page

The Missionary All was utterly ruined;like a run in a brand new pair of panty hoseon a fancy woman.With diamonds in her ears. The bus ran along a red dirt roadthat matched the rust-colored skirts of the womenwho stopped and stared, baskets on their heads. And I thought about reaching out,as he watched the two muttsbarking from the roof of a desolate, white house. But the bus threw us over a pothole,and his long hair was saturated with grease.My fingers insteadtwirled the white gold band encasing my thumb. Lauren Page is a junior at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, VA. She is studying microbiology, and on the pre-veterinary track. While she enjoys the sciences, writing is her first love and she is minoring in English literature. Lauren spends her time outside of class writing, hiking, working at a local veterinary clinic, and interning at the Blacksburg farmer’s market. There, she shares her love for fresh and local food with the community.