Katerina Struncova

Childhood I smelled my childhoodIn her hair, in her dressIt took me throughThe channel between now and thenIt shot me highInto a cloudy havenWhere reminiscing I wasIn reposeIn a Summer-cum-sun landFor the dark and coldWere kept at bayAnd the scorching starWas never to glide downThe trajectory of an arcWhere I revived memoriesAnd was reliving the yearsWhen nothing was realWhen transcendence and spellsWere invited pairsTo the ball whereA Cinderella wasAn enigmatic Tinker BellFor a fervent manAttired in royal chainsDisentangled by her alluring strength I tasted my childhoodIn a wrap he cookedWith a scintilla ofAdvice from a chefWith a palmful ofFaith in better daysWith a profusion ofBowing vowsTo cling to each otherThrough ups and downsIt smelled like a spa market baguetteKneaded withCrunchy, crispy crumbsA cheese crust melted on topLeavingA heavenly sensational touchIn my child mouthBreakfasting in myGreat-grandmother's lounge I heard my childhoodOn airWhen funneling throughTunnels of future adventuresWhen driving pastWoolly, fluffy sheepGrazing on grassy fieldsEnveloped by gates,Benches with engraved namesLining public pathwaysBelow British contrailsHumming I wasEngaging my grown-up cordsMelodies of yesterdaysBringing sobbing tearsInto my present fears Katerina comes from the Czech Republic where she studied the English language. After receiving her Master´s Degree and becoming a qualified English teacher, she left for England in order to perfect her English. Working as a dental nurse, she aspires to become a hygienist. Alongside nursing, she gives private English lessons. The reason for writing poetry is connected to her love for playing with words, and it is the means of practicing new vocabulary.