A.B. Napora

Funeral Numbness like a virus rotted me from insideI, in oblivion, in a riot, in a warSat staring like a dead girl at a coffinPicturing gory deathTrying to feel anything like sadnessBut only noticed flecks of glitter in its pearl white. So I left with ringing in my earsAnd got high in the woods. Later at home I sat in a room and felt smallFelt the floor bite me and the walls loom above meScolding meLike a child, like a dark joke. I cried somehow, amazed at the feelingFirst the pain in the chestThen the sickness in the stomachNext the sting of the eyesAnd I held the little pills that ruined me Thinking of a song, Thinking I could take them all or never again. A.B. Napora is a high school senior from Scranton, Pennsylvania. She is currently working on publishing her first book. This poem was written as she came out of and reflected on a recent episode of depression.