Leonore Wilson

Preghiera Admonishment no more as we covered him with splayed sheaves gleaned from the desert fields— The calf butchered became the thick bawlingin my throat,-- then the once-quiet wick of my tongueunleashed flame; all resilience and thirst I had kept invisiblesince he was a mere finger-whorl inside my blood (prescient weed-growth of limbs, rock-cape of shoulderswhere the knurled wood found promise). What was in me I believe tore from heaven to hell joining the golden sparks of those departed and then I retreated behind my own stony cerement where none who inquired could find me.
Leonore Wilson is on the MFA advisory panel at St Mary's College. She has taught English and Creative Writing at several colleges and universities in the Bay Area. Her work has gained fellowships to Univ. of Utah and Villa Montalvo Center for the Arts. Her recent book is WESTERN SOLSTICE published by Hiraeth Press. Her new book will be coming out in spring published by Kelsay books.