Israel Bonilla

It’s all in the details We all have this fixation with insignificant objects as if they were the answer to an unannounced question born from sickening routine we attach to them like leeches though the bloodsucking is theirs oh but it doesn’t matter since this pain is explosive unlike those hours spent in that very important activity which should keep me safe from financial instability and thus my vital signs can be measured in dollars don’t worry I’ll exchange them for these objects I’m sure they will make me blow up in frustration because they are perfectible and I’m tired of all this incompleteness. Wait for Monday sadness Feel good movies all day in bed time’s just too abstract ignore it stare at nothing specific the feeling of emptiness slowly progressing to a numb state some music might help but life’s not like that at all so it’s just this persistent sound look at the mess it’s night already refuse to sleep even if it’s the only way out. Israel Bonilla is currently studying the Philosophy Undergraduate Program of the University of Guadalajara (UDG). He has published short stories in online magazines such as Big Sur from Argentina and Punto en Línea from Mexico. Born in L. A., California, he now lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco.