Amber MV

Fine Print How does the government work?What is made for our understanding?Read the fine print –I need to get papers signedto secure my life and my beloved's.The world's insecure.How many years of fine printuntil they respect you?How many lawyerscharge blood? It is said“justice is blind”.It is hard to seea human way through this city,unnatural angles, grey maze.Somebody sing to the marbleof its sure dissolution.What determinesa really good credit score?Who determines, and why?Do we get any credit? Give creditwhere credit is due.Who is the mayor of the citywhere the heart lives?What do you not know that I do?How do you find your lost way?Those fine print“agreements” we signed, too longfor humans to read, some peoplehave kitchens to clean.If you don't clean your own kitchen,don't tell us what to do.We live in the imminentwhere the infinite reaches.Death to your filing cabinets.How do I learn about investing?What's all thisabout The World being in debt?To who? To what empire?To the salt and soil of this earth.And what of retirement?I'm already tired,have early crow's feet.What part ofa long treatydon't youunderstand?This was not made for usfor our soft animal bodiesfor our happier minds.The coverage detailsof my health insurance,are not heart mind andsoul-sanity assurance.I live in the numinous.Keep your shit out of my water.They call it currencysupposing it flows.It was the mainstreamthat it might carry the canoesof the people.Your fool's gold–you won't take it with you. Amber MV holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University. Her work has been published in Ruminate Magazine, Glass Mountain Literary Journal, and Ragazine. Find more of Amber MV's work at