Poetry Beyond the Pale

Brickplight exists to promote the exploration of unique identities through daring poetry. We seek poets who revel in undermining conventional thinking by giving voice to what conformity would have us bury and forget—the fact that we are diverse, feeling, and thoughtful beings, completely singular in character, circumstance, and in our possible modes of expression, and so invaluable to each other as gateways to creative discovery.

The philosophy of Brickplight is that good writing is born from struggle. We're not looking for an overly-worked representation of that struggle, but the essential, and often painful, extraction made manifest—the struggle itself, unrefined. We want your no-holds-barred depiction of what it's like to embrace the world's startling beauty, while weathering the inevitable and brutally dazzling tempests of daily life.

We want to know the name you give to your particular brand of confusion as you look into its eyes without flinching. Simply put, we want what you wrote, exactly how it occurred to you, because you had no other option but to write it.

Current Issue

*Note: Brickplight is not currently accepting submissions or publishing new issues, but we hope you will enjoy browsing our archives.